You may pay for online purchases by VISA or MasterCard, or by PayPal.  When your order is complete and payment is approved, a confirming email will be sent to you.

  • VISA/MasterCard
    Credit card charges are made through our secure server, which encrypts all data transmitted between your computer and ours, for your privacy and safety. We do not store your credit card number in our system, but merely pass it along with the authorization request (also by encrypted transmission) to the credit card processor. Authorized charges are settled each evening, and Sonny Barger Productions will appear as the payee of the charge on your credit card statement. For your security and ours, we require entry of the 3-digit CVV (Card Verification Value) printed on the back of your VISA or MasterCard.NOTE: for security purposes our credit card processor employs an Address Verification Sysem (AVS), which requires a match between the card billing address and the customer address. If your card is declined, first check to make sure your account billing address is the same as your card billing address (if you are shipping to a different address that is fine). But if they match, it may be that your bank or card issuer does not support AVS; we regret this inconvenience to some of our customers but it is beyond our control.
  • PayPal
    For those who prefer using the popular PayPal system, this option is available. We use PayPal’s secure Instant Payment Notification interface, which should return you to our store after completing the payment transaction. Be sure to click through until you reach our “Success” page, or the PayPal transaction will not be complete.  If your order and payment are completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email from us.To learn more about PayPal or to open a free account, click here.

If you have any question regarding our payment options, please contact us.