Sonny's latest work... Dead in 5 Heartbeats

Independent Film - Dead in Five Hearbeats

The Independent Film Dead In 5 Heartbeats finished filming on June 17th - Father's Day. The film, adapted from the novel by American Legend Sonny Barger, was shot in 24 days entirely on location in the State of Arizona. A majority of the featured fictional motorcycle club members in the film, The Infidelz, were played by real Hells Angels Club Members. Also, a majority of the MC's featured in the film were authentic and from the state of Arizona - The Hooligans, Alma, and The Rollin Knights.

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Sons of Anarchy on FX

Lenny The Pimp

Sonny Barger plays Lenny the Pimp on the current hit TV Show Sons of Anarchy. Lenny 'The Pimp' Janowitz is a SAMCRO Member who is currently incarcerated. Convicted for "allegedly" murdering three ATF agents. He has connections to the Russian Mafia. He is one of the First 9. He was the Third Member. He was also formerly Seargant-At-Arms under John Teller

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